Sequoia ERP - Organise Your Business
Secure, encrypted cloud based solution that provides integrated real-time view of your core business processes and drives competitive advantage.
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Sequoia can accommodate your organisation workflow on management, financial and operational levels.
Centralise procurement department and control the entire life cycle of a transaction from purchase order to payment of the invoice and synchronise with your accounting software.
Streamline Operation
Automate repeating operations, standardise documents and switch to paperless working environment.
Insight Reporting
Unlock and understand data of your organisation with the help of wide range of prebuild reports and real-time activity reports.
Stock Management
Give your organisation-structured method of accounting for all incoming and outgoing inventory, effective management of the prices & supply chain.
Track & Trace
Real-time tracking and tracing statuses and location of your orders, vehicles and people.
Electronic time clock will assist you in tracking working hours of an employee, prepare payroll and synchronise with your payroll software.
Users & Groups
Create groups and invite more users, permit or restrict access by setting their permissions accordingly.
Stay on top of your business when travelling, manage logistics and access live data on any device from anywhere in the world.
Sequoia has been successfully deployed in the following industries. For a bespoke system that fits your business needs, enquire below.